Washington SAR

Sons of the American Revolution

All applications must be submitted to a local SAR Chapter.  Do not mail to the National SAR.

Contest rules, application form, and Four Generation chart can be found at this link: Eagle Scout Scholarship

For assistance, click HERE.  The Eagle Scout Chairman is Bob O'Neal.  The assistant chairmen are: Lee Thomasson, and Greg Emerson.​​

​​​Eagle Scout Scholarship
Arthur M. and Berdena King Contest

There are three levels at which you might receive recognition and/or monetary awards.

1. Chapter Level - Local SAR Chapters present certificates, medals, and in some cases cash awards, to competition winners who reside within a chapter territory or a local Boy Scout Council area.
2. State Level - The Washington State Society of the SAR selects a winner from amongst the Chapter level winners.  This person receives a handsome Eagle Trophy.
3. National Level – The application belonging to the WA State winner is submitted to the National SAR.  An SAR National Eagle Scout Committee meets in February of each year to judge state winner entries, and from them to select the top three National Scholarship winners.

1st Place: $10,000.  In addition, this scout is brought as our guest to the National SAR Congress, held in June or July each year, where the award is made and the Eagle presents his essay to the assembly.
2nd Place: $6,000
3rd Place: $4,000

   The Eagle Scout competition is conducted on a yearly basis.  Any Eagle Scout who is still actively registered in a Scout unit is eligible to apply, provided he hasn’t yet reached his 19th birthday in the calendar year of application.
   An Eagle may apply more than one year, but no individual may be awarded more total dollars than the $10,000 first place award.  For example, if an Eagle applies one year and receives the National runner-up award of $6,000, and has not reached his 19th birthday in the following calendar year, he may apply the second year.  But, if he was the First Place winner, he would receive only an additional $4,000.

DEADLINES ( The applicant year is: 01 January through 31 December )
Applicant entry to Chapters:  31 December
Chapter entry to State Society:
 9 January
State Society candidate to National Society:
 15 February

1.   Completed application form signed by you and your parents/guardian.  Your BSA Unit Leader must also sign on the bottom of page two in order to certify the accuracy of your reported scouting record. 
2.​  Eagle Scout Application Form

3.   Four-Generation Chart 

4.​   Patriotic Theme Guideline Form
5.   Your original essay, not to exceed 500 words, written on an American Revolutionary Patriotic Theme.  Suggestions for a patriotic theme are contained on the backside of the four-generation ancestry chart.  Your essay must include footnotes and bibliography.


Through your dedicated personal efforts, with assistance from your family, adult leaders, and fellow Scouts, you have earned Scouting’s highest award; the Eagle Scout award.  You have persevered and successfully completed the extensive requirements, including the important leadership, citizenship, and community service projects.  Only those young men who have a great amount of persistence and courage are able to gain the coveted rank of Eagle Scout.  You can be very proud of your accomplishment.  The Eagle Scout award is an honor.  Be proud of it and what it represents.  Use it as your guide and inspiration to reach other goals.  Members of the Sons of the American Revolution (SAR), who trace their ancestry to American Revolutionary War patriots, share with scouting these same ideals which are essential to the preservation and maintenance of a strong America.

For many years the SAR has recognized the many common bonds of purpose and principles shared by the SAR and the Boy Scouts of America.  You young men who have achieved the rank of Eagle Scout have demonstrated your belief in these common principles.  For this reason, the SAR believes that Eagle Scouts are deserving of special recognition for their accomplishment and dedication.  Again, congratulations to you on attaining the Eagle Scout rank.  We extend our best wishes for continued success in all your future endeavors.