Washington SAR

Sons of the American Revolution

Holiday Greetings

Washington SAR Sons,

We hope your Christmas season and the year 2017 will be filled with good health and abundant blessings. 2017 promises to be a good year for the Washington SAR. We hope you have renewed your SAR membership but if not, get reinstated now! January, the first month of the year, was named for Janus, the Roman deity who had a face looking backward as well as one looking forward.

As we look backward to our past, we are strengthened by our achievements to move confidently into an even stronger future. January marks inventory time; an appraisal of the past, a projected look toward the future. Change takes place rapidly in this modern world. As we stop to think about what the New Year may hold for us, let us be open to new ideas and challenges.

In making our 2017 New Year’s Resolutions, let us –

RESOLVE to build our membership using the varied and multiple talents of all our members. As our chapter membership grows, so grows the strength and scope of our State Society.

RESOLVE to rededicate ourselves to our objective of Education by strengthening our support for all of our schools, our scholarships and encouraging high standards of education. We know that education alone will not solve all of the nation’s problems, but we also know with certainty that none of the problems will be solved without it.

RESOLVE to rededicate ourselves to our Historical objective by keeping history alive in our programs, our remembrance of historical occasions and continued emphasis on the importance of our nation’s history.

RESOLVE to rededicate ourselves to our objective of Patriotism, true Patriotism which works for the very best for our country and all of its citizens. Love of Country is our inspiration for all our objectives and for the many goals for which we strive.

RESOLVE to Bind more closely our connections one to another, for it is these connections in our work, in our friendships and in our aspirations which unite us and build our strength.

I have been honored to be your President this past year and attending the many functions at the State and National levels is certainly a rewarding experience. Finally, I urge everyone to support our new chapter officers as they perform their duties to make our society even greater. When they call for your help answer with a resounding "CAN DO!"

Best wishes for a very Merry Christmas and a bright and joyous New Year.

In Patriotic Service

Douglas H. Nelson
President, Washington Society
Sons of the American Revolution​​